FAMILY DRUGS PHARMACY is a community family pharmacy engaging in helping and supporting individuals, families and organizations. Family Drugs Pharmacy is ranked as a top Drug Store Pharmacy in the state of Michigan. Our comprehensive approach ensures our patients receive the most innovative and expert care possible, while our compassion and dedication keeps our focus exclusively on the individual.

Personalized Care
Care personalized for you

Our pharmacists and staff are available to answer questions and we provide emergency service to our patients with special needs.

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Medical Supplies
Medical supplies at home

Hospital beds, lift chairs, bedside commodes, Home Oxygen systems and more for sale or rent to make caring for loved ones easier.

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Advanced Prescriptions
Prescription refills

Award winning prescriptions refill. It's so easy, you'll wonder how you ever got by without our friendly staff and services.

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Custom Compounding
Custom Compounding

Family Drugs Pharmacy is happy to coordinate all of your related services at 5 convenient Metro-Detroit locations.

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