Family Drugs Pharmacy Medical Support

Pharmacy Support

Family Drugs Pharmacy offers support distributive and clinical pharmacy services provided by staff pharmacists, clinical pharmacy specialists and pharmacy. We employ some of the best technology and automation in the industry, allowing the pharmacist to focus on patient care and physician support. Our team is centered on providing prescription products, compounds, complementary over-the-counter (OTC) supplies, while also providing drug information to patients and providers.

Family Drugs Pharmacy provides evidence-based clinical support on issues ranging from medication management to medical homes and more. We ensure that you have the information necessary to make cost-effective clinical decisions that result in positive patient outcomes.

  • Medication Therapy Management
    Our programs ensure that patients are receiving the medications that most fully control their diseases or conditions.
  • Patient-Centered Medical Home
    Our pharmacists provide medication expertise that adds to the efficacy of the patient-centered medical home model. 
  • Care Coordination
    Our Services coordinates pharmaceutical care for children with complex medical conditions and for adults with acquired brain injuries. 
  • Pharmacoeconomics
    We use a transparent, evidence-based model to determine which products and treatments are both clinically and economically sound.
  • Specialty Pharmacy Management
    After evaluating our clients’ current methods of handling specialty medications, our pharmacists make recommendations that promote appropriate clinical use and potential methods of reducing costs.
  • Drug Reviews
    We provide in-depth new drug reviews as well as drug class reviews. Our team provides you with detailed clinical and fiscal data to help you make effective formulary decisions.
  • Market Intelligence
    To ensure that you have the data necessary to make prospective coverage decisions, our team proactively monitors the pharmaceutical pipeline and distributes resourceful information regularly.